Middle Tennessee School of
Preaching and Biblical Studies
Bethany Church of Christ, 5066 Nashville Hwy, McMinnville, TN 37110
(Near the airport at McMinnville)

     Classes meet at Bethany church of Christ, 5066 Nashville Hwy (old 70S), McMinnville, TN.
     Classes meet on Thursday evening from 6-9pm.
     Credits are offered for completion of each class. To graduate from the school, 36 credits are required. Up to 20 credits can be transferred from other Biblical institutions.

See a PDF of the Fall Term 

     A few years before N. B. Hardeman passed from this life, he made the following noteworthy statement, "If I could start over, I would have a school in which only the Bible would be taught."
     He could see the need for greater emphasis on Bible teaching. He was in no way opposed to secular education, but his main interest was in the purity of the church and the spreading of sound doctrine. He recognized the growing interest in the secular and the decreasing interest in the sacred and divine.
    With this idea in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer the people of this community a setting like the one at Bethany where: 1) Men can receive training to preach effectively, 2) Men and women can attend a class and sit at the feet of faithful preachers of the gospel and learn about the unsearchable riches of Christ. And, all this done at no cost to the students.

     There is no cost for taking classes.
     You can enroll the first night you attend.
     No prior education is required.
     Classes are open to both men and women.
     You plan your own schedule.
     Classes are an hour long. They begin at 6:00pm on Thursday evenings.
     All you need is the Bible and a desire to study God's Word.

     Our teachers are made up of faithful gospel preachers of the church of Christ. They volunteer their time and effort to help others grow in the grace and knowledge of God's Word. We appreciate their dedication to the truth.

     David Costello, Bethany church of Christ -- (931) 728-9290

(NOTE: The Middle Tennessee School of Preaching and Biblical Studies is not a work of the Leoni Church of Christ and is therefore not under its eldership.
 Each congregation involved in hosting classes at their location oversee their own work, including the classes and studies held there. Men who complete enough hours of study to gain 36 credits receive a diploma from the School of Preaching. Women who complete their credits receive a diploma from the School of Biblical Studies. Since the church at Bethany (McMinnville) is near us, we encourage people to attend the Bible classes held there.
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